Trademark registration

We handle trademark registration. A trademark is a distinctive sign used to identify and differentiate the products or services of a company or business from those of other competitors. It can consist of a name, logo, symbol, design, phrase, color combination or any other element that has the ability to identify and represent the identity and quality of a company. 

What our trademark registration services include

Verification of
existing records

We carry out a check of existing trademarks prior to filing the application, to ensure there are no registered trademarks with which the new application may conflict.

This check is carried out in different international databases of registered and applied-for trademarks and makes it possible to assess the risk of the existence of an earlier trademark which may oppose the registration of the new trademark.

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We prepare all the necessary documentation for the application for registration of a trademark, and we carry out the follow-up of the processing, managing any communication, and studying and responding to official actions by the registration office during the legal life of the file.

Our advanced computer system allows us to have a rigorous control of all maintenance deadlines, to meet the corresponding warnings, and our specialized staff personally follows up on each file.

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We check whether newly published trademark applications conflict with our clients' registered trademarks, filing opposition where appropriate.

The verification of new applications published is carried out through continuous monitoring of the applications published in the different official bulletins.

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We protect trademarks against oppositions or nullity actions, and against infringements, in administrative and judicial proceedings.

Our legal team will evaluate and propose the necessary actions for a correct defense of the acquired rights.

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We inform our clients about the aids granted by the different Public Administrations, such as those granted by the Autonomous Communities, State Aids, European Union Aids or aids from other organizations.

Our team manages the applications to obtain the grants in which the required conditions are met.

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We provide you with continuous monitoring of your trademark portfolio, ensuring deadlines are met, and responding to any official action, opposition or request.

Our advanced computer system allows us to have a rigorous control of all the maintenance deadlines of your industrial property assets and to make the corresponding notifications.

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Marca en España

Brand in Spain

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Marca de la UnionEuropea

European Union trademark

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Marcas Internacional

International Brand

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Marca en otrospaíses

Brand in other countries

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Brands play a fundamental role in the business world, as they enable companies to establish a unique and recognizable identity in the marketplace.

By creating a strong brand, companies can build a reputation, generate consumer confidence and foster loyalty to their products or services. The importance of protecting a trademark lies in its ability to prevent public confusion and unauthorized use by third parties, ensuring exclusivity and integrity of the company’s identity. In addition, a trademark can become a valuable asset for a company, as it can generate great economic value and be the object of licensing, franchising or sales.

Trademark protection is achieved through registration with the corresponding intellectual property office in each country or jurisdiction. Trademark registration confers on the owner the exclusive right to use it and to prevent others from using it, without the owner’s consent.

At Sanz Bermell International we understand the strategic value of a solid and distinctive trademark. Our team of industrial property experts is dedicated to providing you with full support throughout the entire trademark registration process. From the exhaustive search for availability, to the registration and defense of your trademark, we are here to ensure your business identity is protected and gives you a lasting competitive advantage. In addition, we are committed to keeping you informed at every stage of the process, providing guidance and support in the management and renewal of your existing trademarks.

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