Industrial designs

Industrial designs refer to the ornamental or aesthetic forms of a product that can be applied to a three-dimensional or two-dimensional object. It is the visual and external appearance of a product or article, including its features and non-functional elements that give it a distinctive appearance. The main objective of an industrial design is to provide visual appeal, improve usability and user experience, as well as differentiate the product from other competitors in the market.

What our industrial design services include


We prepare all the necessary documentation for the application for registration of an industrial design, and we monitor the processing, managing any communications, and studying and responding to official actions by the registration office during the legal life of the file.

Our advanced computer system allows us to have a rigorous control of all maintenance deadlines, to meet the corresponding warnings, and our specialized staff personally follows up on each file.

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We protect industrial designs against oppositions or nullity actions, and against infringements, in administrative and judicial proceedings.

Our legal team will evaluate and propose the necessary actions for a correct defense of the acquired rights.

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We inform our clients about the aids granted by the different Public Administrations, such as those granted by the Autonomous Communities, State Aids, European Union Aids or funds from other organizations.

Our team manages the applications to obtain the grants in which the required conditions are met.

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We provide you with continuous monitoring of your industrial design portfolio, ensuring deadlines are met and responding to any official action, opposition or requirements.

Our advanced computer system allows us to have a rigorous control of all the maintenance deadlines of your industrial property assets and to meet the corresponding notifications.

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Diseño Industrialen España

Industrial Design in Spain

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Diseño Industrialen la UniónEuropea

Industrial Design in the European Union

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Diseño Internacional

International Design

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Diseño industrial enotros paises

Industrial Design in other countries

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Industrial designs are the visual manifestation of creativity and inventiveness. They are the key to stand out in a highly competitive market and convey the unique value of your products.

Legal protection of industrial designs is achieved through registration with the corresponding intellectual property office. This protection confers on the owner of the design the exclusive right to use it and to prevent third parties from reproducing, copying or imitating it without the owner’s consent.

Our team of experts in industrial design protection accompanies you throughout the process, providing comprehensive advice to identify those elements that can be protected, ensuring all technical and legal aspects are adequately addressed.

We are committed to defending your interests and work tirelessly to ensure your industrial designs are respected and valued in the marketplace.

In addition to our experience and technical expertise, we pride ourselves on maintaining a close relationship with our customers. We strive to understand your needs, your goals and your vision, to provide you with customized and efficient solutions.

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