Patents and utility models

Patents and utility models are legal rights granted to an inventor or holder of an invention, which gives him/her the exclusive monopoly over his/her creation for a determined period of time. It is an instrument that recognizes and protects the industrial property of an invention, whether it is a product, a process, or a technical improvement.

What do our services for patents and utility models include?

Previous search

We perform background searches to evaluate the state of the art, and determine whether there are prior inventions that affect novelty, and may prevent the registration of the invention.

This background search is performed in international patent databases, scientific literature, and publicly available information.

The result of this search allows us to know if the proposed invention meets the requirements of novelty and an inventive step necessary for the registration of a patent or utility model.

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Preparation of documentation

Our engineers prepare a descriptive memory of the invention consisting of the description, a set of claims, and a set of drawings.

All the documents we prepare for a patent or utility model application are submitted to our clients for review, and comply with the requirements established by the different patent registration offices.

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Administrative procedures

We prepare all the necessary documentation for the patent or utility model registration application, and we follow up the procedures, search request and examination, managing any communication and studying and responding to official actions by the registration office during the legal life of the file.

Our advanced computer system allows us to keep rigorous control of all maintenance deadlines, to meet the corresponding warnings, and our specialized staff personally follows up on each file.

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We verify whether new published applications conflict with our clients' registered patents, formulating opposition claims when appropriate. The verification of new published applications is carried out through the continuous control of the applications published in the different official gazettes.

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We protect patents against oppositions or nullity actions, and against infringements, in administrative and judicial proceedings.

Our legal team will evaluate and propose the necessary actions for a correct defense of the acquired rights, coordinating, when necessary, with our technical team.

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We inform our clients about the aids granted by the different Public Administrations, such as those granted by the Autonomous Communities, State Aids, European Union Aids or aids from other organizations.

Our team manages the applications to obtain the grants in which the required conditions are met.

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Validation of European Patents

We provide technical translations and carry out all the necessary procedures to validate a granted European patent in Spain and other territories.

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Portfolio management

We provide you with continuous monitoring of your patent portfolio, ensuring deadlines are met, and responding to any official action, opposition or requirement.

Our advanced computer system allows us to have a rigorous control of all the maintenance deadlines of your industrial property assets and to meet the corresponding notifications.

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Transfers and licenses

We prepare and review contracts for contractual transfers and the granting or obtaining of licenses for the use of patents and other industrial property rights, and take the necessary steps to register such licenses with the corresponding official bodies.

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Patentes y Modelos de Utilidad en España

Patent and Utility Models in Spain

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Patente Europea

European Patent

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SolicitudInternacional PCT

International Patent

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Patentes y Modelosde Utilidad en otrospaíses

Patent and Utility Model in other territories

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Patents and utility models provide the holder with the exclusive right to make, use, sell, import or license the invention, preventing others from doing so without his consent.

At Sanz Bermell International, we are committed to providing you with specialized advice and customized solutions to protect your inventions, whether you are an individual inventor, an emerging startup or an established company.

We offer a wide range of services from drafting patent or utility model applications to defending your rights in infringement cases. Our in-depth knowledge of industrial property laws and our
experience in filing applications in multiple jurisdictions allows us to adapt to your specific needs, and provide you with the best possible protection.

In addition, we also value transparency and close communication with our clients. We are committed to keeping you informed at every stage of the process, answering all your questions and concerns, and giving you the peace of mind
that you are in expert and reliable hands

Do you want to know how we can help you with your patents and utility models?