Copyright and intellectual property

Copyright and intellectual property rights safeguard the originality and creativity of authors, granting them legal protection for their works. These rights allow them to control the reproduction, distribution and exploitation of their creations, encouraging innovation and rewarding creators with recognition and economic benefits for their intellectual work.

We protect your creative and artistic creations, ensuring recognition and control over their use and exploitation.

At Sanz Bermell International we have a team of experts highly trained in the laws and regulations related to intellectual property in general. We offer you comprehensive advice to register and protect your creative works, such as books, music, films, software and artistic works. We evaluate the originality and viability of your creations, file the registration applications and guide you through the protection process.

In addition to protection, we also assist you in the management and commercialization of your intellectual property rights. Our team advises you on licensing, distribution agreements, assignment of rights contracts and other aspects related to the exploitation of your intellectual property. We make sure your rights are respected, and you get the maximum economic benefit from your creations.

In the event of infringements or disputes, our legal team is prepared to represent you in legal actions. We take care of the investigation, evidence gathering and filing of claims before the appropriate courts. We seek to protect your copyrights and intellectual property by finding solutions suited to your needs and goals.

In addition, we keep abreast of developments and changes in intellectual property legislation, enabling us to provide you with up-to-date and strategic advice. We keep abreast of new regulations, international treaties, and relevant court decisions to ensure your intellectual property is optimally protected.

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