Other modalities: Protection services

At Sanz Bermell International, we provide protection services for plant varieties and topographies of semiconductor products, ensuring your innovations are duly protected and valued. We will take care of the entire protection process, from the application for rights, to obtaining the corresponding certificate.

Plant Variety Protection:

Plant variety protection is of vital importance in agriculture and biotechnology. Plant varieties represent years of research, selection and breeding, and their protection ensures that breeders can obtain fair returns for their work. The legal protection of plant varieties promotes innovation and the development of new varieties by providing incentives for investment in research and development. In addition, plant variety protection helps preserve agricultural biodiversity by ensuring the conservation and availability of unique varieties adapted to different environmental conditions. It also protects farmers by giving them the certainty they will be able to continue growing and marketing protected varieties, as long as they comply with the corresponding regulations.

Protection of Topographies of Semiconductor Products:

The protection of semiconductor product topographies is crucial in the technology and electronics industry. Topographies represent the three-dimensional design of circuit structures on semiconductor chips, and their protection is critical to safeguarding investment in research, development and manufacturing. Legal protection of semiconductor product topographies promotes innovation by providing incentives for the creation of original and advanced designs, preventing plagiarism and unauthorized reproduction. In addition, the protection of topographies ensures the competitiveness and commercial advantage of technology companies by enabling them to maintain exclusive control over their designs and prevent illegal copying by competitors. This protection is also essential to protect the integrity of circuits, ensuring their correct operation and avoiding quality and safety problems.

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