Technology reports

Technology reports are designed to provide accurate and detailed information on different aspects related to technology. At Sanz Bermell International we provide technology reports covering various objectives, such as verifying existing technology, analyzing the novelty of an invention, ensuring no industrial property rights are infringed, and supporting legal proceedings.

Our technology reports provide a detailed and accurate overview of the current state of technology in a given industry.

Our team of intellectual property and technology experts works closely with you to understand your specific needs and business objectives. We conduct in-depth research and detailed analysis to provide you with accurate and reliable information. Our reports are backed by solid research of information sources, patents, scientific and technological literature, and other relevant sources.

In the case of verifying existing technology, our technology reports provide you with an overview of technological developments in a specific field. We evaluate the state of the art and provide you with information on the latest innovations, trends and developments in the area in question. This enables you to have a clear view of the technology landscape and make informed decisions for your business.

When it comes to analyzing the novelty of an invention, our reports are an invaluable tool. We conduct exhaustive background searches and evaluate the patentability of your invention. We provide you with a detailed analysis of existing literature, patents and relevant technological developments to determine the novelty and potential success of your invention.

In addition, our technology reports are essential to ensure no industrial property rights are infringed. We perform freedom-to-operate analyses and evaluate whether a proposed invention or technology infringes on the rights of third parties. This gives you peace of mind by ensuring you are complying with all regulations and avoiding any legal conflicts related to industrial property.

In the field of legal proceedings, our technology reports are a powerful tool to support your legal arguments. We perform sound technical analysis and provide substantial technical and scientific evidence to support your claims or defenses in legal disputes related to industrial property.

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